I'm participating in a panel discussion tonight. I'm feeling nervous.

I didn't think I would be feeling nervous. I didn't feel nervous when I agreed to take part.

But I am now!

Like many of us, public speaking isn't my favorite thing in the world. Fear of public speaking gets ranked higher than fear of death for many people.

I'd say I fall in that group. At least I do today.

(I actually confronted death once, pretty up-close. So strangely enough, death doesn't scare me as much as I think it should. More on that later...)

I'm participating in WeWork's #40Over40 panel discussion tonight. WeWork profiled me in the series earlier this month.

Getting asked to take part on the panel felt exciting. It still does. The fear started creeping in when I saw the promo ad for the panel -

"We’ve all heard about the wunderkinds, but how about those with that all-important life experience?

As part of its 40 Over 40 series, WeWork’s Creator magazine is bringing together five seasoned entrepreneurs who are reaching higher, breaking the rules, and changing the world. Hear their words of wisdom at our panel discussion."

Changing the world...? Whoa...

The thing is, Just Rolling with It is about figuring sh*t out as I go. The first premise of Just Rolling with It is I don't have any of this stuff figured out! The second premise is that I probably never will!

(I wonder how many of you just unsubscribed right now 😉 I can't blame you if you did, if you're hoping to find THE answer!)

People on panels always have it figured out, right? I don't have it figured out. I bet everyone else on the panel does, though. That's what i tell myself at least.

Now the imposter syndrome starts to rear its head...argh...

Um, but I'm on a panel and I don't have it figured out. Can I say that or do I have to pretend like I DO have it figured out?

Before Just Rolling with It I would have pretended. I would have given a decent showing, while feeling like my external projection was in an epic battle with my true self. My stomach would be the unfortunate recipient of the ensuing tension.

So what do i do tonight?

I'm going to try and just roll with it...

Let's see how it goes!


P.S. - Tune-in to the free live stream of the event at 6:30P ET if you'd like to see for yourself!

Music I'm Listening To... - Smack, August 11, 2016


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